How can we create a campaign to support the release of Russell Westbrook’s 3rd signature shoe, while also launching the newly accomp-anying apparel line - in a way that is true to Russell and the community the product was made for?

THE HERO FILM:60 Film that told the overall campaign narrative.


Photo: Jamal Burger


A campaign based on Westbrook’s life and widely known Why Not!? Mindset - inspired and anchored in the Southside LA neighborhood Westbrook grew up in.

FAMILY & FRIENDSLongform content film featuring Russell Westbrook, his family and friends sharing real life stories and their connection to the WHY NOT? Mindset


After initially concepting we worked closely with Russell Westbrook himself to further refine the details of the campaign to ensure it was most authentic to him. We then cast real people from his actual childhood neighbor-hood, as well as close friends and family and then shot on location there.

“A radically authentic marketing effort that is more than a campaign…”

REGAN ALIYAHLongform content film featuring the rapper, spoken word artist, performing an extended version of the spoken word piece performed in the hero film.

Photo: Jamal Burger

Impact Impact

Responses across social media were extremely powerful and landed with the audience exactly as they were intended to.

Russell himself shared multiple assets on his own channel, supporting the campaign and showing pride for the message it expressed to the world.

“ …but rather a powerful message to inspire and empower youth.”