The Sonos Game

The Party Game for Music Lovers


How do you educate an audience to play a brand new game - specifically designed for music-lovers to better experience Sonos products, while also introducing both loyal and new consumers to the Sonos ecosystem organically?

How do you
Turn your Sonos into
a music-powered
party game?

Click for sound


Build a user-friendly tutorial that looks and feels like a game that makes the whole experience of learning about sonos attractive to anyone who loves music.

“It’s simple... just gather
some friends and fire up
the sonos queue”

The Sonos Blog

Roll out animated tutorials on how to play during Thanksgiving on Sonos’s blog and social channels


Mail out physical game boards mailers to musicians, djs, and brand authenticators.

Announce on twitter during #thanksgiving

Create User- generated Spotify playlists based on twitter suggestions

Add a little support from Bobby and Kanamo from @queereye

#Sonosgame is
on it’s way to becoming
a holiday tradition

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