The Playground

An ode to the game & the culture


How does the most iconic Basketball brand on the planet promote 4 distinct categories with a massive volume of diverse products without alienating their core basketball audience?

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We created a visual "love letter" to the Playground - engaging each of our unique audiences through the game & the culture.

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“Blake Griffin
pays tribute to the
playground basketball
court in a stylish
jordan spot”

Ad Age

IG Stories

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Dot Com

“Jordan Brand
salutes the magic of
the playground court
in lovely, nostalgic
summer ad”



Anchored by Blake Griffin, an all-star team featuring our founder, Dexton Deboree who wrote & directed the campaign, Academy Award nominated DP James Laxton shot on 16mm Bolex, Polaroid, BET-ACAM, Alexa, Alexa Mini, and iPhone cameras, and award-winning production designer Alexandra Schaller brought this set to life.


Over 26m impressions.
1.8m engagements and
sales stats that
exceeded kpi’s.