Real Talk

Episodic Content Series.

Real Talk Series Promotional Trailer:


Create awareness & Education on equal opportunity, equal justice & voting literacy, while driving action to empower the Black Community to help fight racism and eliminate opportunity gaps.

Manifesto Launch Film.


A powerful episodic series that illuminates real conversations with activists, orgs and voices of the Jordan family, to educate our audience on voting literacy, voter suppression and ally-ship while standing in unity with the Black Community leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election and Beyond.


In the summer of 2020, as racial and political tensions rose, we felt deeply compelled to speak up and do something to inspire real-world action…and out of this awakening, Real Talk was born.

We created a 5 part episodic series of 5-15 min episodes, featuring a real, raw and honest conversatoin, hosted by political activist and CNN correspondent Angela Rye and featuring a powerful range of community activists, experts and impassioned members of the Jordan Family of Athletes and Influencers to dig deep into a range of topics within the theme of VOTING.


Real talk brought Black thought-leaders, activists, influencers and athletes together to unpack systemic racism, share complex perspectives, and ultimately, drive Black voters to the polls. The result was a powerful campaign that inspired civic engagement that will long outlast 2020 and strengthen Jordan’s legacy and continued empowerment of the Black community.